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Borsch as Main Trend of Election Autumn in Belarus 3

The members of the youth movement Alternative hold a protest art installation in an underground passage in Minsk on Tuesday.

They put Soviet-style posters saying there are more important things to do than to vote at elections. The center of the composition became the portrait of Lidzija Jarmoshyna, the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission.

A transparent ballot box with the pan full of borsch on the top was placed on the floor. Thus the activists symbolically referred to the words of Central Election Commission Chairperson Lidzija Jarmoshyna who advised the women to sit home and cook borsch but not to participate in mass protests after the presidential elections in 2010.

Julio Iglesias Nostalgia was sounding from loudspeakers to remind about democratic elections of 1994.

The performance lasted for 10 minutes. No one was arrested.

Photo by Siarhiej Hudzilin

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