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Kazakhstan Top Official: Eurasian Parliament Just Russias Dream 2

Such body cannot be established or at least Kazakhstan will not participate as it contradicts states sovereignty.

Erlan Karin does not believe the Eurasian Parliament will ever be created. Photo from Wikipedia.

Chairperson of the largest and ruling Kazakh party Nur Otan Erlan Karin said the idea of creation of the Eurasian Parliament could not be implemented. The article stating that and titled Dont Even Dream appeared in a large Kazakh newspaper, Time.kz says.

The establishment of the Eurasian Parliament is just Russias wish. Despite information about several agreements on the creation of the Eurasian Parliament, it would be untrue to say any agreements were reached. Frankly speaking, such ideas do not reflect other integration process members strategic horizons of cooperation, our country in particular.

Erlan Karin noted that such a parliament is not likely to be established even in long-term outlook.

Karin noted that the concept of the Eurasian Parliament is a supranational body and contradicts the principle of Kazakhstans sovereignty. Such questions, according to the Constitution of Kazakhstan, cannot be even decided by a referendum.

Previously, Russia announced that the new legislative body of the Eurasian Union is to be established by January 1, 2015.


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