19.09.2012 / 15:34

Spanish Official Decides Not to Resign Due to Sex Tape Leak

Be careful with your intimate tapes, officials!

Olvido Hormigos Carpio's close friend turned out to be not that close: now the intimate sex tape may be found all over the World Wide Web.

Tons of sad incidents probably havent taught public persons to keep their intimate videos deep in safes.

Now the victim of a sex-scandal became Los Yebenes Mayors counsellor Olvido Hormigos Carpio. She shot a video of herself masturbating and sent it, as it is reported, to her close friend.

The outcome was quite predictable: the video clip started appearing on the Internet. Olvido Hormigos Carpio says her friend, local football player Carlos Sanchez was the person who made the video public. Police says Sanchez has eight previous convictions.

As is was reported earlier, Olvido Hormigos Carpio had quit her job due to the incident, but new reports say she will keep her position. Olvido says she did not commit any crime, though now she is experiencing tough times. Only active support kept her from leaving politics, Olvido says.


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