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Six Opposition Entities Urge to Boycott 26

Belarusians are advised visiting parents instead of visiting polling station.

Six opposition entities called on Belarusians to boycott the parliamentary elections on September 23, BelaPAN says.

They are the United Civil Party, youth organisation Young Front, the organizing committee for creation of the party Belarusian Christian democracy, Bielaruski Rukh (Belarusian Movement), Belarusian Independent Trade Union of the Workers of the Radio-Electronic Industry and the Rada of the Belarusian Intellectuals.

Anatol Liabiedzka, the leader of the United Civil Party, said: We call people not to participate in farce of September 23. They have alternatives: to visit their parents, to pick mushrooms, to walk, to go fishing. This is the common message from those who somehow cooperated during the election campaign.

Vital Rymasheuski, a Belarusian Christian Democracy activist, said that the main indicator of the elections evaluations was the presence of the political prisoners in the country and the arrests of those who had called for boycott.

We consider that isolation of the major regime opponents from the elections to be the ground to recognize the election unlawful, he stated.

Deputy Chairperson of Young Front Mikalaj Dziemidzienka was not present at a press-conference as he is hiding from the police.

However, he managed to pass his statement which read: According to the old tradition, youth activists are being isolated on the eve of the elections. Young Front activist Zmicier Kramianiecki has already been imprisoned. Other Young Front activists are also tried to be caught. What Lukashenka is afraid of? There is no answer this is disease. Only people with evident problems or people in the heat of passion may participate in the elections. Boycotting is the only right decision.

The politicians said that boycotting elections is the same right as participation in them.


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