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Hong Kong Tycoon Offers $65mln to Man Who Woos His Lesbian Daughter 13

Gigi Chao

Never married Hong Kong tycoon Cecil Chao announced that his unmarried daughter Gigi Chao needs an appropriate husband and thus offered $65mln to a man who will manage to woo her.

The father made this desperate step due to an obstacle for having a normal family: his daughter is in happy relationship with another woman and even entered a civil partnership in Paris five months ago.

Homosexual marriages are not recognised in Hong Kong despite homosexuality were decriminalized in 1991. The father told media his daughter civil partnership ceremony was false.

Some hopefuls have attached nude photos of themselves or provided information about their financial situations. She has received proposals from all over the world, including Oklahoma, Nigeria, India, Turkey and Bulgaria. Numerous bankers have contacted her, The Telegraph says.

Gigi Chao, in spite of being angry at her father said she was touched.

It's not that he can't accept me, she said. It's that he can't accept how society would view me and the status that it would incur. Marriage is still a form of social status. I do understand him. I understand why he's doing this.


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