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Phone Terrorism: Activist Receives Hundreds of Calls Asking to Sell Car She Doesnt Posses 3

An anonymous person placed a phone of the Belarus Christian Democracy activist Taisija Kabanchuk with a false advertisement on sale of a Lada car for only $200 and renting a flat for just $70 per month on Babrujsk municipal website.

The advertisement caused a surge of several hundred daily calls on the activists phone. On September 23 the day of the ads placement 280 people phoned Ms. Kabanchuk.

The notice has already been removed from the website, but incoming calls from strangers keep on arriving.

She has already complained to the police.

This was done by provocateurs, by the same people who put false posters about me around the town. By those, who grab us at railway stations in order to spoil our activities, she says.

The activist links the incident to the elections as Ms. Kabanchuk herself was an independent observer at polling station and coordinated the work of other observers.

Now she explains to callers that her number was given to distract her from work. People are horrified at hearing this.

The Belarusian Christian Democracy established a ramified network of observers during last weeks parliamentary elections.

The data collected by activists dispute the official figures by the Central Election Commission saying that the turnout of voters at the elections was below 50 per cent and therefore the elections are not valid.

Siarhiej Makarevich

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