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Belarusians Demand Stop Oppressing Dashkievich in Prison 25

The Young Front Chairperson in a punishment cell, started a hunger strike.

The Chairperson of the Young Front is still in the punishment cell. He started a hunger strike against oppressions and religious discrimination.

Ex-prison head: Sometime youll have to answer

Former head of prison in Mazyr, Homiel region addressed Jury Zbarouski, the current chief of this correctional institution and read the address to him live on RFE/RL.

Mr. Jury Zbarouski, stop humiliation of Zmicier Dashkievich. Do not involve the personnel, your people into crime. Remember that the regime will not remain forever and sometime youll have to bear responsibility, both criminal and moral.

The Belarusian Christian Democracy calls on prison administration to stop violations of the law

The Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) has demanded an end to the mistreatment of imprisoned opposition activist Zmicier Dashkievich, BelaPAN says.

In a statement issued on September 29, the unregistered opposition party said that the leader of a youth group called Young Front was the target of verbal abuses and threats on the part of the administration of Correctional Institution No. 20 in Mazyr, Homiel region.

The BCD warned that Jury Zbarouski, the chief of the correctional facility, could face criminal prosecution over the mistreatment of Mr. Dashkievich in the future.

The party also attacked the prison administration for insulting Mr. Dashkievich, a member of a Protestant church, for his faith, describing it as a challenge to all of Belarus religious denominations and the countrys entire society.

The party urged the Prosecutor Generals Office to investigate the mistreatment of the activist and demanded the release of all political prisoners.

Human rights activists petition the UN

Belarus rights group Platforma has petitioned the UN special rapporteur on torture to attend to the mistreatment of imprisoned opposition activist Zmicier Dashkievich.

In its appeal to Juan Mendez, the group, which defends the rights of prisoners, says that Mr. Dashkievich has been subjected to cruel treatment by the prison administration where he was transferred earlier this month.


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