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Statkievich Tells Adout Meeting with Nuncio Gugerotti: Stop Trading People 5

Maryna Adamovich, the wife of currently imprisoned former presidential candidate Mikalaj Statkievich told mass media that her husband was allowed a phone call from the jail on September 29.

The call was a completely unexpected one. I cant say either he was allowed what the rest of the prisoners are allowed to call home twice a month or it was the result if the visit of such an important guest, she told Charter97.

Mikalaj Statkievich confirmed that he met with Apostolic Nuncio archbishop Claudio Gugerotti. Siarhiej Pracenka, the head of the Penal Department also attended the meeting.

Mikalaj Statkievich once again confirmed his unwavering stance he voiced during the trial over him: the regime cannot be offered money for the release of the political prisoners. Otherwise, there will be new political prisoners in Belarus.

Mr. Statkievich expressed his gratitude to the Holy Father and asked Nuncio to pass his views to European politicians. He highlighted once again the EU should not alter its policy of principle towards Belarusian regime.

Mr. Statkievich asked Siarhiej Pracenka not to urge the prison personnel not to bargain with their consciousness and stop inventing his alleged violations of prison rules in order to keep him high security as long as possible thus violating the law.

Let the Penal department fix three years of high security prison for me, let them take responsibility not to let down people, Mikalaj Statkievich said.

Maryna Adamovich says her husband does not complain of health condition, only of the lack of the sun. She also notes that her husband is optimistic.


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