01.10.2012 / 15:37

Beauty of Universe: Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2012 Winning Photos

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has announced the winners of the photography contest Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012. The competition was held in the categories of Earth and Space, Our Solar System, Deep Space and Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year, Best Newcomer, People and Space and Robotic Scope.

Nasha Niva publishes the winning photos of the each category.

Deep Space: The Whirlpool Galaxy M51 by Martin Pugh (UK/Australia)

Earth and Space: Star Icefall by Masahiro Miyasaka (Japan)

Our Solar System: Transit of Venus 2012 in Hydrogen-Alpha by Chris Warren (UK)

Best Newcomer: Elephants Trunk with Ananas by Lóránd Fényes (Hungary)

People and Space: Venus-Jupiter Close Conjunction by Laurent Laveder (France)

Young Astronomy Photographer: Pleiades Cluster by Jacob von Chorus (Canada)

Robotic Scope: The Sunflower Galaxy by Thomas Read (UK)

At the Royal Observatory's webpage you may see all winning and most commented photos of each category. If you are a real night sky lover, visit the contest's Flickr page where more than 9,000 photos sent for contest are collected.


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