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Lukashenka Demands Stopping Unjustified Agricultural Goods Import 5

The unjustified import of agricultural goods must be ousted, with efforts put into increasing the manufacturing of these products domestically. Such an order Aliaksandr Lukashenka gave at the government session on improving the national agribusiness performance.

We should produce domestically everything we can in order to avoid importing it, he said. Weve begun doing it starting with groats and ending with marble meat as well as other things in order to earn money and preserve our own funds without wasting them on food import. The President believes that to a certain extent better storage facilities will help achieve the goal by selling merchandise on more profitable terms, particularly in spring. Extra revenues from spring sales will considerably increase earnings of agricultural enterprises.

Lukashenka stressed that it was necessary to modernize and advance the enterprises reliant on their own resources forests, lands, water and other natural resources. Agriculture is at the top of the list. It is what can make us considerably more independent regarding the consumption of the raw materials that we mainly import these days, he noted.

He remarked that the huge resources once invested in the agriculture are starting to generate profits. We were lucky to some extent. We started taking good care of the agriculture 7-8 years ago, weve done a lot, and today we already see results in view of the rising food prices on global markets, Lukashenka concluded.

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