03.10.2012 / 10:38

Fuel Prices Increased Again

The Belarusian State Petrochemical Industry Concern (Bielnaftakhim) on October 3 raised the retail prices on gasoline and diesel fuel by 4.5 to 6.3 per cent.

According to Bielnaftakhims press office, Normal-80 gasoline increased in price by 400 rubles to 6,750 rubles per liter, 92 octane gasoline by 300 to 6,950 rubles, 95 octane gasoline by 350 to 7,500 rubles, and diesel fuel by 350 to 7,650 rubles.

This is the fourth increase in the prices this year.

The press office linked the price increase to a 19-percent rise in the price of crude oil since this past June and said that it was also part of efforts to gradually bring the countrys prices of goods closer to those in the rest of the Customs Union. In addition, the price increase is aimed at making the operation of the Belarusian oil refineries more efficient, the press office said.

Last year motor fuel prices were raised 11 times, with Normal-80 gasoline increasing in price by a total of 140 percent, 92 octane gasoline by 99 percent, 95 octane gasoline by 88 percent and diesel fuel by 144 percent.

After the prices were raised by 30 percent on average in June 2011, Aliaksandr Lukashenka directed that the most expensive motor fuel should be priced at no more than 4,500 rubles, and that the prices should be raised by two or three percent per three months if necessary, not by 30 percent at once.

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