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Lukashenka: We Haven't Yet Agreed on Price for Oil Refinaries 6

Belarus is ready to sell a stake in one of its oil refineries or maybe the whole refinery for the right price, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said in an interview broadcast on Monday by the Mir Television and Radio Company of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

We haven't yet agreed on a price, but they're operating in the interests of our states, Lukashenka said.

It's difficult for Russia to get pure diesel fuel at all refineries, as they don't have the same processing depth; that is why businesspeople are now going through Belarus, he said, commenting on allegations that Belarus was exporting petroleum products under the guise of solvents and diluents to avoid transferring the export duties it collects to Russia.

We have invested and continue to invest serious money in these refineries, and their processing depth is already greater than at any refinery in Russia. And this is money, too. Why, if we're so bad, who are all Russian companies, including Lukoil, a private company, ready to buy these enterprises?

Russia is full of imported cars that use high-quality 98 octane gasoline, Mr. Lukashenka noted. Russia produces a very small amount of such gasoline and relies mostly on Belarus for its supply of the fuel, he said. The Belarusians appear to have made and earned something, Mr. Lukashenka said. But this is probably one-hundredth of a percent of that Russia itself earns. And then, we're earning it without breaking any laws.

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