09.10.2012 / 15:37

Belarus Set to Launch Home Satellite Production

Belarus plans to make space satellites on its own, said Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich as he met with Anatoly Shilov, Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency of Russia (Roscosmos), on 9 October.

We will not limit ourselves to one satellite as we agreed before. We will consider making satellites in Belarus, said Mikhail Miasnikovich. Thus, in addition to using satellites Belarus plans to make them in the future. It will serve interests of our countries and third countries, he said.

It was one of the matters discussed at the meeting. The Prime Minister of Belarus also pointed out the topicality of two more matters. The operation of the Belarusian-Russian space group is one of them. The groups operation will rely on the Belarusian satellite paired with the Russian satellite Canopus. The sides are expected to start full-fledged operation involving the Belarusian flight control center in late October 2012.

Mikhail Miasnikovich remarked that a space satellite involves scientific and technological advance as well as commerce. Belarus is eager to commercialize the project. It is necessary to discuss some things in order to sell space products at a profit, to make the project involving the Belarusian space satellite pay its way, stressed the Prime Minister.

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