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Patriarch Kirill: I Am Confident Belarus, Russia and Ukraine Have Common Future 57

Patriarch Kirill and Mikalaj Laducka open the memorial in honour of Patriarch Alexy II.

Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are three brotherly nations united by the common fate, common past and, I am confident, have the common future, the Patriarch Kirill (Cyril) of Moscow and All Russia said at a dedication ceremony for the memorial to Patriarch Alexy II at the Church of all Saints in Minsk on 14 October, BelTA informs.

I was happy to come here on this holiday, the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, the Patriarch said.

Speaking about the late Patriarch Alexy II, Patriarch Kirill stressed that the service of his predecessor started during a very difficult time: It was the time of a collapse of the united state. Not only could the historical unity of our nations have been destroyed, but also the unity of the church.

However, according to Patriach Kirill, both the unity of the church and the unity of people have preserved. We are talking about the common space of Saint Rus, he said. The Patriarch stressed a great role Alexy II played in it. He also added that Patriarch Alexy II did a lot for the revival of churches, monasteries, etc.

Today we are busy working on integration issues in the post-Soviet space. And over the last years there have been success including with your active participation. A lot that changes for the good the development of these processes has happened since our last meeting. And God grant that everybody benefit economically, politically and culturally and spiritually from them, said Patriarch Kirill.

And the Church will continue to support and inspire people. The Church will always emphasize the importance of cooperation between the brotherly nations with all the respect t the sovereignties of the counties and historical decisions made, Patriarch Kirill noted.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka during his meeting with Patriarch Kirill noted that orthodoxy is foundation of spirituality of Belarusian people.

Rest assured that the position of Orthodoxy in Belarus is unshakable reassured the head of the state. It is not because I, as a head of state, and our priests, the Synod, his Eminence, Metropolitan, support this idea, it is because the Belarusian people are that way. We have never been traitors, we have always been a reliable support to our friends, and Orthodoxy is a foundation stone of the spirituality and the faith of our people, Telegraf quotes Lukashenka as saying.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka also presented the Patriarch the Order of the Friendship of Peoples.


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