01.11.2012 / 09:36

Belarus Presents First Chinese-Built Powerful Railway Locomotives

Belarus national rail operator Belarusian Railroads on October 31 showed journalists a Chinese-built super powerful electric locomotive in operation at the Zhdanovichy station near Minsk.

The HXD2 two-unit locomotive, manufactured by CNR Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd (DELC), was said to be pulling a train with a total weight of 8,400 tons.

As Belarusian Railroads CEO Uladzimir Marozau told reporters, the old locomotive fleets average capacity was 5,000 tons.

DELC has already supplied two HXD2 locomotives to Belarusian Railroads under a contract providing for supplying a total of 12 locomotives worth a total of $99.8 million.

To perform our functions and increase the transit attractiveness of Belarus railroads we are renewing our locomotive stock, Marozau said, noting that Belarusian Railroads was planning to purchase no less than 50 electric locomotives before 2020.

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