08.11.2012 / 11:25

Aerosmith's Music from Another Dimension: First Album in Decade

Aerosmith fans had been waiting for a new album for a decade. Yet, in 20012012 the band released a blues covers album, a live album, a compilation of the greatest hits. The band was twice ready to fall apart, but they did it: Music From Another Dimension saw the daylight on November 6.

The times were hard for Aerosmith: Joe Perry somehow managed to break his knee implant (!), and Steve Tyler mulled over the offer to move to Led Zeppelin.

The new album must have appeared earlier, but the band changed the track list for several times, added the voices of Julian Lennon and Johnny Depp. Then Rolling Stone accidentally leaked the album to the WWW...

The album turned out to be not the bands best. Sometimes it seems that the band rips off their own songs, while albums best tracks were released as singles before the album itself as it happened to Legendary Child. Furthermore, Smiths at the last moment removed song Shakey Ground (a cover on The Temptations song).

But Aerosmith isnt the kind of a band predisposed to experiments theyve been sounding similarly for 40 years already. So if you like the sound, youll appreciate the album.


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