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Der Spiegel: Lukashenkas Plane Shower Cubicle Finished with Precious Stones, Gold 35

German Lufthansa received an order from Belarusian President to maintain his luxury jet plane. The two parties concluded a contract, Spiegel Online says.

Lukashenkas Boeing 767 arrived in Hamburg on Fridays morning. The operators say that the shower cubicle in the plane is finished with precious stones and golden curtain.

Spiegel Online says the arrival of Lukashenkas second plane the first landed for maintenance last month was ardently debated as there were doubts the moral side of such a deal.

The head of the Bundestags transport committee from the Green Party Anton Horfriter commented on the incident as follows: As one can assume, Lufthansa is not in such a bad position that it has to take orders from the last European dictator.

Journalists note that Lufthansa has never been picky about its clients: it maintained the planes of controversial VIPs from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Equatorial Guinea.

Lufthansa, in its turn, do not comment the services it provides for Lukashenka.

Lukashenkas new Boeing-767-300ER aircraft with serial number 33968/926 used to bear license plates EZ-A700 and was President Saparmurat Niyazovs presidential aircraft.

The purchase of the aircraft was financed from the state budget and is intended for president of Belarus.

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