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Explosion Near KGB Building in Viciebsk: Men in Hoods Captured 11

The KGB reports the explosion occurred at 18:48 on November 11. Yet, the first information appeared in social media at around 2 AM on the next day.

The KGB building in Viciebsk

Witnesses report about an explosion near the KGB (Committee for State Security) headquarters in Viciebsk. It is also said that a young passers-by wearing hoods are being detained, RFE/RL says

The detainees stay face to the wall near the central entrance. Near the right wing of the building, there is do-not-cross tape, Representative of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Paval Lievinau tells about what he saw at about 3:40 AM local time.

A KGB bus stays nearby, the light is on in the building. Some civil-dressed persons stay before the building and also several policemen guard the perimeter.

There are no visible destructions. The police neither confirmed nor denied any incident and advised to contact the press-service of the Ministry of Interior of the Viciebsk region as the serviceman in a district police office I talked to were not in the position to report anything. The orderly officer also reported nothing about the detentions, Lievinau says.

The WWW Reacts

Avis De Miranda writes: Oh my! Something exploded near the KGB building in Viciebsk. I know no details. My brother has just returned home he was captured as he was in a hood. All males in black jackets with hoods are being detained now. There is some mess in the downtown, many patrols there.

Avis De Miranda: Now just in one district police station there are around 50 persons. They all are wearing hood.

Nadejda Belskaya: Is it a provocation again?

Natallia Radzina: We phoned the KGB in Viciebsk at about 4 AM. They gave no comments.

Vadim Shmygov: It means that Kanavalau and Kavaliou were executed but the explosions in Viciebsk go on? Ok.

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