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Joint Memorandum of Belarusian Opposition Text 15

The document titled The Final Memorandum of the Meeting of the Chairpersons and Leaders of Belarusian Political and Civil Organizations Headed by the Chairperson of Belarusian Government in Exile On Measures to Preserve the Independence of Belarus was published on Facebook page of the Rada of the Belarusian Peoples Republic (Belarusian Government in Exile).

The Main Provisions of the Memorandum

We need to strive for international communitys widest recognition possible that Aliaksandr Lukashenka and the state institutions controlled by him under the conditions of the absence of democratic legitimacy are not the authorized representatives of Belarus, especially in terms of adopting agreements and obligations on behalf of Belarus which burden its sovereignty or deal with the sales of the state property. These agreements will not be obligatory for democratic Belarusian state in future, but will be subject to optional re-consideration or correction.

We need to strive for guarantees of inviolability of the Belarusian national sovereignty from the countries of the European Union, the United States of America and the Russian Federation; denial of recognition of the international legal force to any decisions dangerous for Belarusian sovereignty which may be taken by Belarusian authoritarian government and also not recognition of the legitimacy of any harmful for the sovereignty rights or privileges which the Russian Federation may state or solicit in Belarus on the ground of the doctrine of the zone of special interest.

To secure the sovereignty from the risks at the crisis and transitional period when the authoritarian regime collapses we need to work out and politically coordinate the joint pack of primary political, economic and legal measures in the area of energy and food security, cultural and information policy, ensuring the administrative control during the transition to democracy; fight against corruption and organised crime; and also to provide the maximum possible support from interested states and international organisations.

The Memorandum also says that civil and political organisations must be coordinated to resist the official propaganda which destroys Belarusian national identity.

There must be the strongest coordinated pressure by the civil society of the country to mitigate the fear in the society; to release the political prisoners; to stop political repressions and destroy the repressive institutions; to ensure the freedom of the mass media and, finally, to hold democratic elections, the document says.

The representatives of Belarusian political and civil entities recognises the Rada of the BPR the political deposit of the independent Belarusian Political Tradition.

The Memorandum was signed by:

Uladzimir Baradach (Organising Committee of the Rada of National Revival);

Vincuk Viachorka (Organising Committee of Belarusian Movement);

Mikalaj Dziemidzienka (Young Front);

Volha Karpach (HK Nash Dom);

Uladzimier Kolas (Rada of Belarusian Intellectuals);

Aliaksandr Milinkievich (Movement for Freedom);

Stanislau Shushkievich (Belarusian Social-Democratic Hramada);

Aliaksiej Janukievich (Belarusian Popular Front);

Uladzimier Niakliajeu (Tell the Truth);

Zianon Pazniak ( Christian Conservative Party of the BPF);

Vital Rymasheuski (Organising Committe of Belarusian Christian Democracy);

Viachaslau Siuchyk (Razam solidarity movement);

Ivonka Survila (Chairperson of the Belarusian Government in Exile).

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