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Charter97 Retouches Photo of Lukashenka to Make Him Look Worse 53

The photo published by Charter'97. There are no mark that the photo was somehow changed.

The original photo.

The photo was made on November 25, 2011.

The Minister of Energy of Russia claimed that Russian budget loss caused by Belarus shadow export of Russian oil under the guise of duty-free solvents totals $1.52.5bln. Website Charter97 accompanied this statement by Minister Alexander Alesin with the picture that shows Lukashenka with Putin and Medvedev.

However, another Belarusian news portal Udf.by uploaded a more correct version of the picture.

Original photo was made by ITAR-TASS at the meeting of the heads of the Union State at residence Gorki near Moscow.

Belarusian state-owned mass media retouch photos of Lukashenka to improve his look. However, Charter97 use it to achieve opposite aims.

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