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Reasons to Do Business with Belarus: Nasha Niva at Belarusian Investment Forum updated 6

The main day of the Belarusian Investment Forum underway today in Minsk Arena.

Rock handler BelAZ on exposition before the Minsk Arena

Uladzimir Siamashka

Former Prime Minister Siarhiej Sidorski (left)

Andrej Tur

Mikhail Miasnikovich asked potential investors to call him personally

Siarhiej Sidorski and Siarhiej Rumas

Minsk mayor Mikalaj Laducka

Mikhail Miasnikovich

Five reasons to choose Belarus

Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich says that there are five reasons to have business in Belarus:

1) Great infrastructure Belarus ranked 65th out of 155 countries;

2) Belarus is the geographical centre of Europe and the gates to the Customs Union of Russia and Kazakhstan;

3) Easiness of doing business this year Belarus was ranked 58th but there are plans to hit top-30;

4) Highly professional human resources;

5) Belarusian economy is highly linked to science.

State economic policy won't change

Yesterday, Miasnikovich mentioned that Belarus was on the brink of economic default. However, today his words are more positive. Miasnikovich promised the governmental policy on economy will not change: there is going to be deficitless state budget and free FX exchange ratio. He also said that all privatisation restrictions had been removed.

The motto of the Forum if youre doing business in Belarus, youre doing Business in Russian and Kazakhstan at the same time.

Nationalisation of largest confectionaries isnt nationalisation

Miasnikovoch assured that there would not be any revisions of previously privatised enterprises. However, the state did a right step in case of Kamunarka and Spartak, Belarus two largest confectionaries which had recently been privatised, Miasnikovich said. He also mentioned that Matat Novikau, a large stakeholder of Kamunarka and Spartak was calm at accepting the news [on the nationalisation]. Furthermore, Miasnikovich does not agree with the term nationalisation used to describe the situation.

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