16.11.2012 / 11:27

Locomotive Hits Veteran Parade in Texas, Four Killed

A freight train in Texas has crashed into a parade float, killing four people and injuring 16 others.

The crash happened at a railroad crossing in the city of Midland, as the flat-bed truck was on its way to an event honouring wounded US veterans.

The crossing gate and lights were reportedly working and an investigation is under way. One eyewitness said the float became stuck at the crossing.

The veterans and relatives were heading to a banquet, which has been cancelled.

According to the local officials, the float hit by the train was the second being pulled along the parade route. The first had already safely crossed the railroad.

Officials say the eastbound train was sounding its horn before it struck the float with 26 people on board.

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter Knudson says his agency is investigating the crash.

Ten of the 16 injured people were later released from hospital, but at least one person remained in critical condition.

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