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Belarusian Rock Star Bearbombs Stockholm 125

Uladzimir Puhach, Belarusian rock-musician and leader of band J:Mors, performed his own bear drop in the capital of Sweden.

He walked in Stockholm wearing a teddy bear suit and also carried banners Free Swedish people! and Stop the monarchy.

Uladzimir Puhach says the performance was his response to the bear bombing on Belarus performed by two employees of Sweden-based PR agency Studio Total on July 4, 2012.

We may and must solve all our problems ourselves. No one is going to think instead of us, Puhach wrote in his blog.

More and more want to become the saviours of our long-suffering motherland. And cheap but efficient PR is good for anyone. The PR action by Swedes reminds me an old story. When an elephant died in a provincial, everyone was hurrying to take a photo with him.

The foreign saviours of Belarus mostly dont care about the country. Politics is pragmatic, not based moral and universal values.

If there wasnt such a calm place as Belarus, they would have bombed Libya surely if they have guts. But we behave just like the followers of cargo-cult from the Solomon Islands we warship loads that fall from the sky why still sitting in a marsh.

And while we behave like aboriginals, everyone will treat us as aboriginals.

Halt importing ideas, symbols, principles, scenarios, technologies. We have many brilliant, smart and talented people here who can start transforming inhabitants into the people. To do this, we may just for a change stop eating one another but to look for a leader in our motherland, Puhach wrote.


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