21.11.2012 / 13:37

UN Adopts Belarus Resolution on Combating Human Traffic

The UNGA Third Committee adopted Belarus-initiated resolution on Improvement of the Coordination of Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking, Belarusian Foreign Ministry says.

Coauthors of the Belarusian resolution were more than 50 states, including the European Union. This is Belarus fourth resolution that has been supported by the UN member states since 2006.

The resolution envisages the UNGA high-level meeting in 2013 to assess the implementation of the UN Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons adopted in 2010. Partaking in the meeting will be representatives of UN member states, the UN leadership, other international organizations, NGOs.

Belarus also suggests the first global report on human trafficking to be presented in the UN headquarters in New York.

Presenting the Belarusian resolution in the UN, head of the department for global policy and humanitarian cooperation of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Jauhien Lazarau stressed that Belarus has been advancing this issue in the UN since Belarus Presidents proposal to strengthen international efforts to combat trafficking in human beings in 2005. The Belarusian representative stressed that Belarus would continue an uncompromising struggle against this modern form of slavery with the assistance of its friends.

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