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Boy, 2, Who Survived Horrifying Car Crash Near Lodz Dies of Critical Brain Damage 25

The whole family Julija, Siamion and Viktar who moved to Germany this summer were killed in a traffic accident on November 18 as the car driver fell asleep while driving.

2-year old boy Siamion, the only survivor of the horrifying car crash near Lodz, Poland, died in a Polish Hospital.

This was reported by press secretary of the Belarusian Embassy to Poland.

As it was reported earlier, Subaru Forester registered in Belarus crashed into a road fence at the beltway in Lodz and burned down. Three Belarusians were killed on sight.

The 2-year old baby was thrown out of the car and survived and then was delivered to hospital. However, doctors said that the boys brain died and there was no chance he would survive.

All persons killed in the accident were Belarusians. Two of them, Viktar and Ivan, were the employees of Belarusian IT company EPAM Systems in Germany.

Viktar was accompanied by his wife Julija and son Siamion.

The family had a plane tickets to Germany, but then decided to go by car.

The police says that possibly the incident occurred as the driver fell asleep while driving.

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