The Belarusian parliament will discuss and most likely approve the law canceling most of the privileges to Belarusian citizens, including the 50%-discount for the public transportation fares for students.

About 30 young men protested in Minsk against canceling the privileges for students. Actually, it was rather a sign of pride, than a protest. The young men lined up in front of the Ministry of Education (a building very close to the Parliament), took off their shirts chanting “Choke on your privileges!”. Afterwards they put on the shirts reading “For freedom” and vanished.

No one was arrested – the security guard didn’t have enough time to call the police.

Getting no more cheap gas and oil from Russia, Belarusian government has to cut its expenses – also by canceling the privileges, including the cheap transportation tickets for the elderly and students, and the free medicines for infants. This is very disturbing to most of the Belarusians, who also notice that the officials themselves are likely to retain their own benefits and privileges.

Photos by Julia Darashkevich

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